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Rating Engine — for post-paid Billing

  • Supports multi, rollover, shared bundles, cross-band call calculation, multi-types units of the call(s).
  • Allows flexible product packaging. It supports major rate plans offered by service providers around the world. The system enables price plans to be made for each customer category. Alternatives can be provided to the normal pricing of traffic/calls. Separate price plans will allow the operator to assign customised prices to different customer groups for the same type of call.
  • Discounts can also be offered and can be for open end-dates or fixed end-dates. Volume discounts at the service level and account level can be supported. New rate plans can be tested using live data from the production environment before implementation.
  • The tariff module (rate plan module) has access to all relevant data elements in the system and can provide for "friends and family" plans, home-zone rating and accommodate practically all types of sophisticated and flexible charging plans devised our customers' Marketing Departments to suit their individual requirements — for example, promotional pricing for specific periods of service (30 days, 60 days, 90 days), changing price plans at any time to be effective immediately pro-rated charges (customer moving from unlimited usage plan to limited usage plan or vice versa).
  • The addition of value added services in the middle of a billing cycle with pro-rated charges is also supported.
  • It supports GPRS mode as well.
(RTBS with Parlay/OSA platform implementation)
  • Shares the same data, tariff and discount system with post-paid functions of the Rating Engine;
  • Our real-time Billing System enhances existing Billing Systems and by interfacing with eg the HP Open Call system communicates with the core network using industry-standard Parlay/OSA APIs. RTBS is enhanced existing product with a multi-session capability to establish real-time control of several simultaneous charging sessions for the same account. Implementation of the Parlay/OSA APIs includes, amongst other features:
    1. Call Control Prepaid Application ("voice" events);
    2. OSA Framework, Call Control and User Interaction SCFs (it is assumed that full-featured FW and Call Control SCFs are provided by the relevant Network);
    3. Charging Applications, which allows user account management using UI SCF;
    4. Additional services can be supported by PPA (SMS, MMS, packet events, etc).
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Customer Care
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Online web-based Billing
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